About Me

Diana Barber became a Real Estate agent in 2000.  She enjoyed working with different nationalities and found that the pressure and stress of the ups and down real estate market sharpened her critical thinking and enhanced her collaborative work ethic.  Her hard work paid off and gained her an award and recognition as one of the Top Agents in the company.

In 2006, her life had a complete turnaround when she and her husband decided to adopt 4 kids in the Philippines.  Diana’s niece died at the age of 30 and left 4 kids, 2 girls & 2 boys, ages 7, 9, 11 and 13.  Her husband’s dream of RVing around the US after retirement turned into raising their children.  Diana’s real estate slowed down, so she devoted herself to being a stay at home mom and wife. Raising 4 teenagers was a great challenge, but very fulfilling.   They have no regrets because the kids are a blessing to the couple.  Their faith in God, love and devotion for each other gave them strength and perseverance.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, major in Business Administration at University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines.  Growing up from a very poor family, her mother strived so hard to give her the best education she can afford with the help of her cousin, Lita de Guzman.  She was privileged to graduate from Kindergarten to High school in Dominican College, a Catholic private school for girls run by nuns.  She had the best years of her life in school and her classmates became her sisters she never had.  She has only one older brother, Senen, who also helped her single Mother to raise her.

In 2015, she passed her Brokers License for a deeper knowledge in Real Estate.  Diana’s passion is Real Estate.  She decided to come back and concentrate on pursuing her love for Real Estate.  Her goal is to be successful In the Real Estate field and be financially stable when she retires.

During her leisure time, she enjoys dancing, swimming and entertaining friends and family at her home. She loves cruising and travelling all over the world. Someday, she still dreams of being rich. Who doesn’t?  But now, she believes her wealth is her family and friends.  She thanks God for everything she has.